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We will be opening again from the 11th of August 2020. Because of covid-19 this will be as a swingers cafe/social club only and with restrictions as we need to stay within the law and protect our customers and staff.

Before you decide to come please be aware of these procedures and rules we will need to follow. Please also check before you come as they will change as the law changes.
These rules are not because we want to spoil your fun, they are to keep us within the law and so we all remain safe and covid-secure.

Social distancing:
This will have to be practised at all times, the 2 meter rule will need to be kept or where not possible a face mask must be worn. You can buy a single use mask from the club for £1 or welcome to use your own.
We will be putting clear dividers around the club, marking out a 1 way system where possible, and actively checking for social distancing (it's required by law)
Because of social distancing we will be limiting the amount of people that can come in at any one time, this means if you just turn up and we're full we might have to refuse entry until someone else leaves. Because of this we have made it possible to book your ticket for the day you want to come at the bottom of this page.
Should we go back on lockdown all tickets will be refunded within 12 hours of the news.

On entry:
* Your temperature will be taken using an Infrared Thermometer, if you are running a high temperature, look unwell or coughing we will have to decline entry and anything paid online refunded within 12 hours.
* You will be asked for a name and phone number for the government's track and trace system, this will be written in a book, kept for 21 days then shredded. This information won't be disclosed to anyone other than the government if there is an outbreak.
* We will have a hand sanitising dispenser near the entrance to the club that you will need to use before you come in, this is to kill any germs from anything you may of touched on the way to the club.
* WARNING! Do not come if you have been drinking, you will be refused entry.

As always you are allowed to bring your own drink BUT if you get drunk you will be asked to leave as it's harder to practise social distancing if alcohol is involved. Please do not turn up with large amounts of alcohol or we will have to refuse entry.

The whole club, including handles, seats, tables, toilets and everything else will be cleaned multiple times a day with a strong safe disinfectant.

Hand sanitising:
There will be free hand sanitising dispensers all over the club that we encourage you to use regularly.

Toilets: We will have a skin safe disinfectant that can be used to spray the toilet before use, but as always they are very frequently cleaned.

Due to Leicester still under partial lockdown, Hot tub, Sauna, steam room and showers by law will be turned off. These will be turned back on as Leicester's lockdown is released.
Due to cross contamination, we will be unable to provide towels or flip flops, should you need these you will have to bring your own.
*Private rooms will be locked open and no kind of close contact activity allowed.

Because some of our facilities will be none usable because of the covid-19 we are reducing entry price to £6 for men and couples and free for females.
Single females don't need to buy a ticket.
Please ensure you use a valid email as we will email you a unique code that you use for entry.
DateSpaces freeBuy Ticket
Tue 11th of August28
Wed 12th of August27
Thu 13th of August28
Fri 14th of August23
Sat 15th of August22
Sun 16th of August27
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* Reopening Party, not 1, not 2 but 3!! *

Once the government lifts the Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions we are having 3 parties at Amigos Leisure on Saturday nights from 7:00pm until 3:00am.

The list is now full apart from a few reserved spaces for regulars x

On the nights we will be providing a larger than normal buffet although it will be behind a screen and served by our staff wearing PPE.
Everyone will get a free drink on arrival, fun, games and much much more.
Should you find you can't make it on one of the party nights then you are welcome to use your code to get in on any other day/s of your choosing.

If you have any ideas for an event or want to hold one? Call or email us with your ideas!

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